Sunday, February 26, 2012

Solar Photography - A Quick Experiment

A quick experiment with using an old Meade DSI camera and a 2x Barlow on the PST. There was a lot of dust in the optical path--mostly on the imaging chip, I think. I cropped out about 80% of the image to get a "clean" bit.

The DSI is a monochrome (black & white) camera. I colorized the image to make it look more "natural."

I need the skies to cooperate a bit so that I can spend some time working out how to do this stuff. So far the weather forecast doesn't look promising...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon

Tonight, the Moon passed close to Venus. Mercury was right on the horizon, too!

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon
Here is a labeled version of the above image:

Meanwhile, in other parts of the sky:

Dark cloud after sunset

High cloud illuminated by the last rays of the sun after sunset, passing in front of the constellations Auriga, Lynx and Ursa Major.