Saturday, October 8, 2011

Double Cluster Redo

I've been going back through my image archives and reprocessing some of the older images to see if I can improve them. Here is a reprocessed version of the image of the Double Cluster that I shot back in September 2009:

Double Cluster (NGC 884 and NGC 869); Epsilon-200; 9x180


  1. This is also lovely, one of my favorite renditions. I've tried to figure a way to fit this large object in my field of view. It's not happening yet.

  2. Keep in mind that I'm using a DSLR that has a HUGE imaging chip (22.2mm x 14.8mm). Even so, it still doesn't cover the full FoV of the Epsilon-200.

  3. I got a new monitor and now I see a lot of noise and image artifacts that I didn't see before. I might take another crack at reprocessing this one.