Sunday, January 1, 2012

Huntsville Panorama 2

I learned a few lessons from my previous attempt to create a nighttime panorama of the town, so I set about trying it again at the first opportunity.

Right-click on the image and open it in a new tab or window for best viewing.
The main differences between this and the previous version are:
  • I made sure that the camera was level before taking pictures, so it was not necessary to cut out a great deal of the original images in order to level the view.
  • I picked a better location on the parking garage roof that granted a wider view of the town.
  • Each image is a stack of two separate exposures (1/2 second and 5 seconds). This helps bring out the contrast on brighter objects.
Also, I found that the reason that Hugin failed on the last step on the previous attempt was because I had not installed Enblend.

From left to right:

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