Monday, May 28, 2012

Practice Image

I had a little time this afternoon to practice solar imaging--probably my last attempt before the Venus Transit, next week.

Sunspot groups 1492 (left) and 1490 (right).

Here is my imaging setup. The Coronado PST is piggybacked onto the ST80. A solar filter on the ST80 allows me to take visible-light images of the Sun with a DSLR.


  1. Very nice, Rory. You'll get some great images if you can see the sun! Thanks for posting the pic of the scope, too. That's cool if you can actually aim them at the same target. That's part of what's kept me from stacking scopes like that.

    1. The arrangement doesn't work perfectly. I have to keep the Sun centered in the FOV of the camera on the ST80 for best focus, but that limits what appears in the FOV of the PST--the Meade DSI is connected to the PST via a Barlow lens. I suppose it's not too big of a problem, though, since I never take images from both cameras at the same time.