Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse

A few of us from the Huntsville Amateur Astronomy Society set up scopes on the roof of the Sam Houston State University parking garage. There were over 200 in attendance. While the emphasis was visual observation, I managed to snap a few shots.

In addition to the eclipse, giant sunspot group AR2192 was a big hit with the crowd.

These first two were taken at prime focus with my Canon EOS Rebel T3 through the ST80 with the solar filter:

This image was taken afocally through an 8-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active:

This image was processed a bit to remove smudges on the eyepiece lens.


  1. These are awesome images, Rory! Some of the best I've seen of the eclipse.


    1. I had planned on getting some Ha images with the Coronado PST, but I forgot to bring a Barlow so that the camera could get into focus. The view through the PST was spectacular, though! Oh, and the image that was taken afocally through the SCT does not do justice to the actual sight through the eyepiece. It was amazing!