Wednesday, October 5, 2011

North America Nebula Redo

This isn't exactly a redo of my original North America Nebula. I had been intending to try to remove the effects of chromatic aberration in the stars for some time, but found it a somewhat difficult task. Most of my attempts left unnatural looking holes in the nebula, so I settled on desaturating the purple fringes and colorizing them to more closely match the color of the nebula. This is fine for the stars that are surrounded by the nebula, but those that are surrounded by darker parts of the image now have red halos instead of purple ones. Oh, well. One of these days I might win the lottery and get a nice little apochromatic refractor.

NGC 7000, North America Nebula; ST80 on  Vixen GP; 9x180


  1. Very nice, as always! Such a nice, wide field. And pinpoint stars all across the view! I think you've left the color just right, here. And the stars look fine to me (but then that's how I've always taken care of chromatic stars).

  2. This image was taken with the mount you lent me, Val!