Monday, November 1, 2010


I've been trying to photograph lightning for quite a while.  It's pretty tough to get good shots.  It takes patience, and a good deal of luck.  So far my efforts have been mediocre at best.

This evening I got my best shots so far.  While our neighbors in Montgomery County were getting pounded by powerful thunderstorms, I was taking snapshots of all of the excitement from my front yard.  Below are the best two shots of the series.  They are 5-second exposures, taken at ISO-1600.


  1. Very nice, Rory! I was getting pounded! It was a great storm. Nice to see what it looked like from outside it.

  2. It was a beautiful storm from my location. I only wish I could have gotten images of some of the lightening action that was closer to the ground. The trees in my back yard were blocking the view...

  3. Hi Rory,

    Great shots!!! Hey, do you know can "kinda" cheat by using astro stacking software to stack multiple lightning shots and come up with one really cool image? I did this a while back. I took about an hour of lightning shots two months ago and used the startrails.exe software to stack the images, creating one final composite image that looked really decent. Link below.


  4. That's awesome, Phil! I can't wait to try that!