Monday, August 2, 2010

The Double Cluster in Perseus

The Double Cluster is composed of two separate open clusters, NGC 869 and NGC 884.  The pair are visible to the naked eye in dark skies as a fuzzy patch that stands out from the Milky Way.  They are also close to one another in space, with NGC 869 at about 6,800 light years away, and NGC 884 at about 7,600 light years.

The Double Cluster was the first object that I imaged with my ST80.  It was March 16, 2009, and at that time of the year it was fairly low on the horizon.  I managed to get enough subs to stack this image:

Double Cluster in Perseus, ST80, afocal, 10x15
NGC 884 is on the left, NGC 869 on the right.

The following September I got this image with the Epsilon-200:

Double Cluster, E-200, 9x180

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